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We are now located in Louisiana. Stat CPR & More, LLC is more than just a company. It is something that I have poured my personal career into. My services are not open to just healthcare professions but to everyone. There are no failures. Stat CPR & More offers ACLS, BLS, PALS, heart saver (first-aid), tutoring and education in pharmacology, and medication administration education courses in the home setting. All of the services can be utilized as concierge in efforts to make it convenient for anyone who needs it. Stat CPR & More began when I realized I have a love for teaching while educating my patients as a nurse. Even if you are not a healthcare worker having some form of knowledge of what to do in an emergency can help save a life. Having education about medications and current medications can prevent lower in-home medication errors.


Certification Card Guaranteed

Cards are distributed within 24-48 hours of completed course

Shaneka Bennett BSN, RN


Baton Rouge native Shaneka Bennett holds the credentials of BSN & RN while also having the certification of AHA instructor. Bennett enjoys teaching and loves giving back to the community. Stat CPR & More LLC., was developed to full-fill her passion for teaching while also educating others of these health care essentials. Bennett brings life to her courses as she educates in a fun and timely fashion. She believes everyone can benefit from these courses as it can help save a life in any environment. 

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